Mariana Vasconcellos M Ferreira / Anna Regner / Iwetta Makarewicz
Prof. Raoul Bunschoten


The prototype Dongguan Organic Cotton® aims to recapture the value of the apparel manufacturing business and empower the workers of the lowest step of the supply chain. Through a decentralized system, it proposes to implement three different elements in the city urban fabric: organic cotton fields, a factory with educational facility and dorms, and the sewing center, which is the essence of the project. Placed in different times and spatial conditions, these three elements integrate the fuctions of the three main sectors of Dongguan’s urban fabric - agriculture, industry and housing.The intervention plan is to start a homeworking community center, where these workers can come together, split work and learn from each other. Organised and together, they gain more decision power in the supply chain and can fight for better working conditions. Once this community is established an organic cotton production will be implemented creating an industry that supports agriculture. It proposes a sustainable production line with cotton fields; an industrial compound and hubs spread in strategic intersections.These units will also be connected through a car free zone that creates public spaces with comercial, recreational and cultural activities.The protoype aims not only an urban but also a social development of the area. It provides a new eduational program and introduces a more structured working system for textile factory- and homeworkers, allowing them to gain more power in the supply chain. A transparent and organised chain can take the sustainability into a global scale.

Flow Diagram






Placement Diagram