Mariana Vasconcellos M Ferreira / Anna Regner / Laura Heinz / Julia Domanska
Prof. Klaus Block

Model Photography

This goal of this project was to design an overnight stop for a day trip - a place to rest and eat before continuing a journey. The site was chosen at the Grand Canyon, USA, due to the extreme height and narrowness of its cayons. The hotel is interpreted as a temporary stop where the movement of the travelers defines its architecture. With parallel walls only all common and private areas are created and defined, separating its function in the most minimal way possible. The tematic of the canyons are translated into a double-layer of the outside walls and discrete gaps in the design of different elements, such as banks, stairs etc. The corten steel of the outside walls project the passage of time and create a growing relationship between the architecture and its surrounding. The construction consists of metal frames each 6m, that are also responsible for the installation of windows and slide doors.