Mariana Vasconcellos M Ferreira / Anna Regner / Iwetta Makarewicz / Kübra Tan
Prof. Susanne Hofmann

Model Photography

The neighborhood Neukölln, in Berlin, is an area full of new innovative social projects. Even though very busy and dynamic, it is also a place with plenty of forgotten and abandoned plots - and the potential of this obliviate premises is not only spatial but also programmatic. This projects aims to regenerate a gap site with a new film learning center as an extension to an existing school nearby. Two elements create three different spatial layers, building an open and communicative architecture, which allows the interested public and a spontaneous visitor to acess all parts of the building. Each area offers a different programm: on the ground floor an outdoor art gallery; on the first floor the film atelier and on the second the projection room. The atelier offers a meeting space for the creation of different productions which can be then seen from the room above. The movie is projected on the fire break wall of the building next door and can be watched quietly and easily due to the inclination of the floor. The accessible architecture supports the colorful, spontaneous and vivid street life from Neukölln.Even though it is a very simple and minimalistic architecture, the building displays of a complex technical system, with a personalized thermal, sanitary and drainage system. The inclination of its floor surface allows the collection of rain water into two drains, which are integrated on the facade. On top of that the insulation of both rooms are also complemented by a passive thermal regulation, that profits from the inclination as well.





Obwohl die Architektur Schlichtkeit ausstrahlt, beinhaltet es komplexe technische Systeme, sowohl thermisch als auch für die Sanitär und Entwässerungsanlagen. Die Neigung des Bodenfläche erlaubt die Sammlung vom Regenwasser an zwei Rinnen, die als Teil der Fassade integriert werden. Die Innendämmung beide Räume werden durch eine passive thermische Regulation ergänzt, die auch von der Neigung des Boden profitiert.

Detail & Visualisation