Mariana Vasconcellos M Ferreira / Julia Domanska
Prof. Matthias Heinz

Model Photography

The topic of this project is the construction of housing through pre-fabricated concrete elements. The masterplan of areal in the proximities of the Beusselstraße, in the north of Berlin, divides its area into different plots and aims to develop a new living area. This specific plot has approximately 500m2 and is surrounded by patios. Each of the 5 floors consist of four apartments, planed for the new young families of the neighborhood. The apartments display different sizes to adjust to different family constellations. There are from 1-bed apartments to 3-bed apartmets. But all of them contain one consistent element: an narrow space which alongates from one side of the building to the other, creating an open area that organizes the configuration of the apartment and its constructive structure. They are also the dividing element between public an private. The interior is organized into sections: in the middle the doorways and the bathrooms are placed and on the adjacent areas the bedrooms and living rooms. The alongated room also allows different and flexible spatial relationships between the public and the private areas. All these principles that structure the buildings interior are also presented through the facade, which is responsible for creating the architectural identity in the areal. Therefore the most important element of the internal structure is illustrated through strong, recognizable and projected facade element.




Model Photography

Facade Elevation and Cross-Section